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From : Thomas Aebi (fabricant renommé de flûtes irlandaises)
Official website here
Salut Jean-Pierre,
C'est Tom le fabricant de flûtes à Bâle.
J'ai une éléve qui aimerait te commander un tin whistle en alu, comme moi, j'en ai acheté un de toi (excellent !).
Quelles sont les délais, prix, conditions ?
> I own a JP Le Meur.
> I classify it amongst the best I own (Chieftain, Burke, Overton, Harper, Alba, Shaw and a lot of the cheap ones).
> I consider it to have a better sound than the high chieftains.

From : René Kunz (musician)
Hi Jean-Pierre,
Sorry for not writting earlier,but I just coudn´t stop playing your new whistles.They are really beautifull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great sound, Nr 98 is nice & sweet easy to blow, Nr 99 is a bit brighter. We are happy with both of your wonderfull Whistles. Finally I have found a Whistle which I really enjoy playing. Thank you very,very much!!!
All the best, Marcus.

From : Matteo (musician)
J'ai bien recu le whistle.
J'étais absente pour quelque jours, mais je crois il doit être arrivé venrdredi passé.
C'est un excellent instrument, j'en suis très content !
Merci beaucoup.
Cordialement, Matthias Hofer.

From : Johnson Thomas (musician)
Yes I brought a Jean-Pierre LeMeur whistle from fluteplayer Thierry, a few years ago.
I'm very very pleased with it. It's easy to blow, has a very nice mellow sound, and doesn't screech when playing in the upper octave.
There is another Frenchman, an engineer, in Paris I believe that makes a simiular, though even more expensive, whistle. Forget his name just now.
Thomas Johnson .

From : Wilfried Rommelaere (musician)
Le whistle est arrivé aujourd'hui. J'en suis ravi !

From : Claus von Weiß (musician)
Dear Jean-Pierre,
Today your whistle arrived here sound and save. I already played a few notes on it and I like it very much indeed. Thank you!
Have a merry christmas time
Best Wishes, Claus.

From : irtrad-l
Hi there,
I just received my new whistle yesterday(alluminum high D with brass tuning slide), from this fellow, and I am very happy with it.
Good sound in both octaves, low price, nice tuning slide, and the chamfered holes are very confortable.
It's better than my Chieftain.
When I spoke with the man, he told me actually he was selling via ebay (search : tunable tin whistle) because he doesn't have a website yet.
All the best, Paul Gordon.